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New Gutter Installation Job in Portland, Oregon

If you want a gutter installation contractor in the Portland metro area who pays attention to the details to make sure your gutters both function optimally and look good, our approach to gutter installation is just what you are looking for. We are glad to help whether you need a full home replacement or just that side with a dent where the moving truck left its mark.

Many gutter problems can be repaired, but there comes a time when it makes sense to replace gutter systems with multiple holes, leaks, cracked seams, or rusted-out areas.

Here’s what to expect with your installation:

  • We make sure the gutter slope is right, which takes considerable skill, time, and effort (not all roof lines slope the right way).
  • We cut and caulk our corners to avoid unsightly extra seams.
  • We use the largest possible outlets to maximize speed of water flow exiting your gutters.
  • We use stainless steel hangers wherever possible, to prevent rust.
  • We recommend the most efficient downspouts to prevent future clogging.
  • We use .027 inch aluminum for our installations. Aluminum gutters won’t rust and corrode the way steel gutters do.
  • Our aluminum gutter material is pre-painted with the paint baked on, so it won’t wear off and won’t hold debris as easily as after-market paint.
  • We don’t up-charge for standard colors.
  • We take the time to do the job right.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Action Northwest we believe in doing a great job, every time. That’s why we stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right free of charge. No worries. No hassles.

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Gutter Installation Options

We have many options for your new seamless rain gutters

We fabricate gutters in the three standard sizes: fascia, 5k, and 6k. Each size is created on one of our three truck-mounted, professional gutter machines so you can get the size that works best for your home. We can also do custom gutter shapes such as square gutters or half-round gutters. We fabricate gutters in over 30 standard colors at no additional charge.

What size to use is partly determined by the type of construction used on your home, partly determined by your taste, and partly determined by math. The most important of these is the math. Here is why: it’s pretty simple, you want the largest gutters that will look good on your house, and do the job.

The math is that 1,600 square feet of roof will collect about 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of rain that falls. It’s the gutters’ job to collect that rain and move it away from your house and your foundation. The more water the gutters can collect and disperse, the less chance you have of having overflowing gutters and consequent damage. So bigger gutters (and outlets and downspouts) are better. A 6k gutter is about 44% larger capacity than a 5k or fascia style gutter.

Before & After

Installing new gutters can instantly change the look of your home



Downspout Options

The differences between Plain Square & Corrugated Downspouts

There are two basic types of readily available downspouts: plain square and corrugated. We almost always recommend corrugated downspout.

Plain square is popular because it looks nice. It is called plain square because, well, it is plain or flat on all of its surfaces, and it is square. To install plain square, each bend in the metal has to be cut and bent. And that’s where the problems can begin. Each cut exposes unpainted steel to air, with the result that the edges of the cuts start rusting. And there is no real standard regarding the angles of the cuts, so many downspouts are cut with no slope for part of the downspout, a perfect place for debris to accumulate to clog the downspout. Finally, each cut has a small tab of metal on the inside that is a place for debris to hang up and clog the downspout.

The other common type of downspout is generally called “corrugated.” It has fluting in the sides for strength and stability (hence “corrugated”) and uses pre-made curves designed to speed the flow of water away from the outlet and gutter. It is slightly larger in diameter and allows for installation of a larger outlet, both of which increase the speed at which water can exit the gutter and improve the flow of your system. (Read more on outlets here) Some may not consider its aesthetic “sexy,” but we think optimal functionality is pretty darn attractive.

We sometimes see round downspout, which we can also provide when needed.

A popular upgrade to gutter systems is installation of leaf-traps at the bottom of the downspouts to protect your drain system from clogging. These are installed at about knee-height and consist of an opening in the downspout that has a screen installed. Debris going down the downspout catches on the screen; you can walk around your house and flick the screens clean without ever getting on a ladder, making it much safer for you.

If your downspouts do not empty into storm drains, but instead empty on the ground, we offer an optional tilt up downspout end that moves the water six feet away from your house, but which easily flips up and out of the way while you are doing your yard work.

We happily provide free estimates for our gutter installation services. Give us a call at (503) 407-3346 or click the button and let us know how we can help.


Taking care of your home the right way every time, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Since 2004 we’ve been specializing in happy clients. Experience, training, safety compliance, and accountability, assure your work is done to the highest professional standards, every time.

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Gutter Options Gallery

Find the gutter and downspout Styles that are best for your home

5k Gutter

6k Gutter

Fascia Gutter

Fascia Gutter compared to 6k Gutter

6k Gutter has about 44% greater volume capacity.

Corrugated Downspout

Plain Square Downspout

Outlet Size Comparison, left to right:

French Cut, 3×4 inch, 2×3 inch, 2 inch round

Outlet 2×3 inch

French Cut Outlet Installed

Leaf Trap

Tilt-Up Downspout Extension in down position

Tilt-Up Downspout Extension in up position

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