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Gutter Repairs Will Protect Your Home

our gutter repair experts keep water from Damaging your home


You’ve got a problem. We’ve got a solution. Your gutter system works hard, in partnership with your roof, at keeping your home dry. Occasionally repairs are necessary, to ensure the optimal function of your gutters and to protect your home from water damage. From leaking gutters to fallen downspouts, our expert technicians have seen and repaired it all.

Below are some of the most common gutter repairs you may see at your home.

Gutter Repair in Portland Oregon

Loose Gutters

Spikes and ferrules have traditionally been used to secure gutters, but over time may become loose, which leads to loose gutters. We hammer in loose spikes as part of our gutter cleaning service. An even more secure option is to replace the loose spikes with specialized gutter screws, which we do as a repair service. If you can see light between the gutter and fascia board or rafter tail, that is a detached gutter that we reattach as a repair service.

Detached Gutters

Gutters can detach from the fascia board or rafter tails. This may be a gap showing daylight, a sagging gutter, or the gutter may come completely off your house. Often the gutter can be put back in place. Bent gutters or deformed gutters will likely need replaced. Our experienced technicians will put things right for you and get your gutters flowing properly again.

Detached Downspouts

Downspouts detach or come down for a variety of reasons. When we put them back up, we make sure they are straight, properly fit together and strapped down, then plumbed into your drain system. When downspouts are damaged, we can replace them. We can also add leaftraps. We advise on the most efficient types of downspouts.

Leaking Joints and Seams

Leaks in the joints or seams between your gutters and downspouts can be caused by many things, and can often be fixed with the application of professional-grade gutter sealant. We apply professional-grade sealant after thoroughly cleaning and drying the area so the sealant properly adheres. Surprisingly often, when people think their gutters are leaking, the gutters just need cleaned.

End-Cap Leaks

End caps are just that: caps that go on the end of a gutter run, to keep the water from running out the end. They are caulked into place and can become loose over time, or even fall out altogether. This is an area of early failure in steel gutters. We repair or replace leaking end-caps using professional-grade gutter sealant.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Action Northwest we believe in doing a great job, every time. That’s why we stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right free of charge. No worries. No hassles.

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Gutter Repair Services

Action Northwest offers a variety of services to ensure your gutters are repaired properly.

Gutter Repair Services in Portland Oregon fix Bent or Rusted Gutters

Holes in Gutters

Very small holes in your gutters can sometimes be filled using professional-quality gutter sealant and some flashing. But if you have a hole that is rusted through, that means the structural integrity of the system is wearing down. A patch may work for a while, but you will want to budget for a gutter system replacement in the near future. We can cut out and replace sections that are rusted, as a short-term workaround, but you won’t have continuous gutters any more.

Re-sloping Gutters

We can re-slope gutters. This is not an exact science. If there is a structural issue causing the gutter to overflow, resloping may be warranted. The degree to which the gutter can be resloped is limited by the roofline. So in some cases, adding another downspout is the best solution. Some water standing in an aluminum gutter is not really a problem, so look to overflow as a better indicator of whether resloping makes sense. If the gutters are steel, standing water may promote rust, so the slope is a greater concern.

Gutter Repair Services in Portland Oregon fix Bent or Rusted Gutters

Optimizing System Flow

If your gutters overflow often, even with routine cleaning, we can help you increase the flow capacity of your gutter system by installing larger outlets and/or downspouts. Think about it this way: if you run water into your bathtub faster than it can drain out, your bathtub will overflow. So will your gutters. Following that analogy, we can basically increase the size of the drain by installing larger outlets and downspouts allowing much more water to leave the gutter more quickly and reducing the overflow problem. Read more about optimizing your system flow here.

Downspout Add-ons

A helpful upgrade to gutter systems is installation of leaf-traps at the bottom of the downspouts to protect the drain system from clogs. Installed a few feet from the bottom of the downspout, leaf-traps consist of an opening in the downspout that has a screen installed. Debris going down the downspout catches on the screen and can be cleaned without ever getting on a ladder, making it much easier and safer for you. Another upgrade if your downspouts empty on the ground, rather than into storm drains, is an optional tilt up downspout end that drains the water six feet away from your house, but which easily flips up out of your way when needed for yard work.

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