According to two recent scientific reports, moss growing on pre-historic granite broke down the rock and created the first dirt, leading to climate change, ice ages, and the rise of oxygen-based life on the planet.

Basically, the moss ate away the granite, released oxygen, trapped carbon dioxide (lowering temperatures and causing ice ages), died and made dirt for other plants to grow in. Which is pretty much what moss growing on your roof will do, except your roof is made of much softer material than granite, so it only takes a few years to destroy your roof, instead of millions of years to destroy granite. But the bottom line result will be the same.

We guess one way to say it is, if you don’t want to contribute to the next ice age, get the moss off your roof. And in the short run, your roof will last longer, and you won’t get water, mold and mildew inside your house from roof leaks. Plus, your insurance company will be a lot happier.

Green is good, but not on your roof! If you can see green on your roof, it’s past time to treat for moss. The best course of action is to apply preventative treatment before any moss grows. The best schedule for preventative treatment is generally between one to three years dependent on the location and design of your roof, you can read more here.

We are one of the few Oregon Department of Agriculture-licensed applicators of moss treatment in the Portland area. We use all EPA-approved products to kill moss, applied in the proper way in the proper amounts, to protect you, your home and the environment. We also have EPA-approved organic products available by request.

Read more about the interesting results of these two studies: one at the Universities of Exeter and Oxford and one reported in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as reported in The Guardian.

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