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Gutter Cleaning in Portland Oregon

Whether you want your gutters cleaned for routine maintenance or to troubleshoot a gutter overflowing right now, you are in the right place. We’ve cleaned miles of gutters, and it’s a dirty, dangerous job, so let us make things easy for you. Your gutters and downspouts will be cleared by our expert crews—we leave no mess on your gutters, siding, or landscaping, and we do safety right, following all OSHA requirements. To make it even easier, you don’t need to be home for service, and we’ll send you photos after the work is complete.

Portland rain means gutter cleaning is extremely important for the health of your roof and home. Leaves, pine needles, twigs, and dirt create blockages that prevent rainwater from draining from your gutter system correctly. Water in your basement or crawl space, water against your foundation, water in your ceiling or in your attic, may all cause dry rot, water damage, and mold growth, among other things. 95% of all water intrusion can be prevented by something as simple as keeping your gutters clean! We use the right tools, equipment, and techniques to work safety, remove debris, and keep rainwater flowing freely through your gutter system. You can count on our knowledge, expertise, and experience.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Action Northwest we believe in doing a great job, every time. That’s why we stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right free of charge. No worries. No hassles.

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When to Clean Your Gutters

Many experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year

Any time you have overflow from your gutters you should have your gutters and downspouts cleaned to prevent water intrusion from damaging your home. Of course, it’s always best to schedule routine maintenance rather than wait for an overflow.

Preventative Maintenance

For preventative, ongoing maintenance, if you have deciduous trees (with leaves) around your house, you should have your gutters cleaned twice a year. First, in the spring/summer after all the leaves and blossoms are done blooming so your gutters are clear when the first fall rains come but the leaves haven’t yet fallen off the trees. Second, in the fall/winter to get the fallen leaves out of your gutters. If you have very heavy tree coverage, you may need a third cleaning, generally in the winter.

Homes with Coniferous Trees

If you have coniferous trees (with pine needles) around your house, you may need to have your gutters cleaned three times a year. Experience teaches that Douglas Fir trees have especially prolific needle drops, and it’s best to clean three times a year in November, February, and May.

If you don’t have any trees around your house or within a few hundred feet of your house, you should plan to clean your gutters about every other year, just to make sure that roof gravel or other debris is not building up in your gutters. The roof gravel will eventually clog your drain system.

Want More Information?

Gutter covers or screens often do more harm than good. You can read more about why we don’t generally recommend them for gutters in Portland: The Siren Call of Gutter Covers

Overflowing Gutters? Read more about what you can do to optimize the flow capacity of your gutter system if you find your gutters still overflow even with regular cleaning: Going With the Flow–Why Outlets and Downspouts Matter.

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