A Gem in Northwest

A Gem in Northwest

We have beautiful homes and wonderful history here in Portland. One of our favorite homes to have worked on is this one where the poet Hazel Hall lived. Hazel Hall was a nationally famous poet who lived the last years of her life in a small room in Northwest Portland....
It Was Probably The Worst Roof I Had Ever Seen

It Was Probably The Worst Roof I Had Ever Seen

The moss was several inches thick in some places. Ken called us out to look at his cedar shake roof for cleaning, required so he could renew his homeowners insurance. With conditions like this we normally would have told him that his roof was gone, let’s talk about...
Gutter and Downspout Repair and Replacement

Gutter and Downspout Repair and Replacement

They say your home is your castle–and without adequate drainage, you might just find yourself with your very own moat! Not exactly the most desirable outcome, but one that’s often inevitable when gutters and downspouts are neglected. However, with proper gutter and...
We All Like to be Green–but Avoid the Moss

We All Like to be Green–but Avoid the Moss

If you thought that layer of green developing of your roof was a good thing–think again. Moss can root itself onto the top layer of the granules on roof tiles, cutting down on the protection that shingles provide . We’ve even seen moss grow into the wood under the...
You Still Need to Clean ’em

You Still Need to Clean ’em

Recently we were asked to find out why downspouts weren’t draining on a home that had a popular, well-known gutter cover installed. These gutter covers, which are permanently affixed to the gutters, had been installed years ago. The homeowner believed that, with these...

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