Like our entire community and the rest of the world, our focus right now is on staying healthy and well. We fully support all efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), and protect our health, your health, and the health of the community. As a small business, we are taking every precaution to keep our workers safe, and to keep them working so they can continue to support their families and pay for housing, food, and other essentials. We are, as always, doing our best to support other local businesses, and we appreciate your support.

We are still open and available to help with your home maintenance. We are fully committed to following Governor Brown’s emergency order issued March 23rd in a further effort to slow the spread of COVID-19  (

The Governor’s order requires everyone to stay home whenever possible, but also permits certain activities outside the home, so long as social distance is maintained. Governor Brown also issued a press release which states the order is designed to allow people to keep their jobs when their companies maintain social distancing requirements. You can read the full press release here:

Certain specific types of businesses are ordered to close (generally those with lots of close, in-person interactions, like a gym or hair salon). As an exterior maintenance and construction company, we are not one of the types of businesses ordered to close. We are continuing to serve our clients, taking every precaution to keep our workers and our clients safe, and following the requirements of the Governor’s order.

Why are we staying open? We know that, even in these times, your home will still need maintenance, and we are here to help you. Without our services our clients’ homes are subject to water damage, roof leaks, and more, and nearly all of our clients cannot safely take care of their own home maintenance. Keeping up with routine home maintenance is always more cost effective than dealing with emergencies and major damage. Even now, gutters and downspouts will still clog with potential damage to your home. Moss will still grow on your roof, causing damage over time. Walks, steps, and decks are still safer when clean.

What steps are we taking to keep our employees safe? To do our part, we are making a few changes in our services: we will not be cleaning inside windows in occupied homes. That is for your protection and ours. Outside windows, and everything else we do, will continue to be available.

Everyone that can is working from home, and everyone else is maintaining the required appropriate social distance we need to prevent spread of the virus.

All of our crew workers will arrive in individual work vehicles so they won’t be riding together and can keep necessary social distancing. The additional cost in gas and wear and tear on the vehicles is worth it to keep the necessary social distancing so our crews stay healthy and we comply with the Governor’s order.

While working, our crews will also maintain at least 6 feet apart for required social distancing and follow recommended hygiene. Each vehicle is stocked with a large bottle of hand sanitizer (bought months ago), and blue nitrile gloves. This will help us keep our hands and surfaces clean, and protect against coming into contact with the virus.

All of our employees have PTO and are encouraged to use it, especially now as needed. All of our employees are directed to stay home if they are sick.

Our crews will be calling you when they arrive, rather than knocking at your door. We’ll go about our work on the outside, while your family are safe, social distancing on the inside. We will come and do your work, with the same goal that we have always had: our clean up will be so good that you can’t tell we were there, except now your gutters are clean.

You may remember that 1% of our gross revenues from the month of March were going to provide socks for homeless people in Portland. Last year when we did this, we donated, on your behalf, 264 pairs of good Kirkland Signature socks to Union Gospel Mission who distributed them to the homeless. We have now decided this year to donate the money directly to Union Gospel Mission since their most pressing needs may have shifted with COVID-19.

Call us now at (503) 407-3346 or fill out the form below with what services you would like scheduled. We are here to help you.

Please take care and stay well.

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