These days, we are all aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. However, often times doing the right thing for the environment means investing additional effort and spending more money. It’s a worthwhile investment of course, but doesn’t appeal to everyone, perhaps for budgetary reasons.

Contrary to popular belief however, doing what’s right by the environment and yourself at the same time doesn’t have to be more difficult or much more expensive. When it comes to roof cleaning for example, there are so many environmentally friendly approaches these days that offer distinct advantages over alternative methods.

Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the clear benefits of environmentally friendly roof cleaning:

1. Equally Excellent Results

While it’s commonly assumed that eco-friendly roof cleaning cannot yield the same kinds of results as chemical cleaning methods, this really isn’t the case, or at least the gap is quite narrow. Innovation and creative experimentation have led to the development of very effective products and techniques, for delivering excellent results without chemicals. As such, there is a very narrow gap between the kinds of results to expect from environmentally friendly roof cleaning and those of chemical cleaning methods. Eco-friendly roof cleaning may once have been rather limited in its potential–this is certainly no longer the case.

2. Reduce Risk of Roof Damage

One of the biggest problems associated with the use of chemical cleaning products is the way in which they can cause harm to your home if not used properly. Great care must be taken to contain and dilute the cleaners as they are applied to and come off of the roof. By contrast, environmentally friendly roof cleaning products are generally designed to be as tough as possible on dirt, while remaining comprehensively safe for your home and yard, not to mention children and pets.

3. Less Danger to Your Home and Garden

It isn’t just the damage chemicals can inflict on your roof that’s a cause for concern, either. It’s worth remembering that after cleaning or treating a roof with any chemicals or cleaning products, residue may remain that will be washed off the next time it rains. This can and should be prevented by a thorough rinse of the roof at the time of cleaning when done properly. Along with posing a threat to surrounding plants, grass, and garden features, this may also represent a health hazard for children, pets, and the home’s occupants in general. As such, another benefit of switching to eco-friendly roof cleaning is to avoid this potentially dangerous runoff.

4. Better for the Environment

When considering the bigger picture, any runoff resulting from the use of roof cleaning chemicals will eventually work its way back into the surrounding ecosystem. If not done properly, the chemicals can have a detrimental effect on local habitat and wildlife. By making the switch to green roof cleaning methods, you reduce the risks to the environment.

5. Affordable

One of the strongest arguments in favor of adopting environmentally friendly roof cleaning practices is the fact that they are comprehensively affordable. It’s common to assume that 100% natural and environmentally friendly approaches to these kinds of jobs are inherently more expensive. In reality however, modern pricing is very close to the cost of more traditional chemical approaches, with nearly equal results.

6. Long-Term Protection

The best long term protection for your roof is simply to keep it clean and maintained. Clean of dirt, algae, mold, mildew. Clean of debris, such as limbs and leaves. Clean of live branches overshading it, or actually touching it. And clean of moss. It really doesn’t take much, relative to the cost of prematurely having to replace your roof, to keep it maintained and functioning properly. Environmentally friendly cleaning can be part of this process, along with regular gutter cleaning and regular moss treatment.

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